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Why Philanthropy Is Good Business

There’s no greater feeling, no greater satisfaction, than knowing you’re making a difference. But giving back to your community is also good for business. Think about it. Philanthropy helps build relationships with clients and potential clients. It helps build and support your brand. It promotes employee engagement. And let’s face it: good corporate citizens want to do business with others who share their values.

Building relationships.
You can portray yourself in a different way.  Philanthropy will help to build customer loyalty.

Building your brand.
Philanthropy also builds and supports a brand. “A well-developed philanthropic program will resonate with clients on a deep, emotional level that goes beyond any creative ad campaign.” In other words, the act of giving back evokes emotion and fosters an authentic connection.

Building employee engagement.
We’ve also found that philanthropy as a core value promotes employee engagement. It infuses passion in those around you. It gives employees more energy and drive. After all, who doesn’t want to be a part of something bigger?


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