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Enlightening the Migrant Workers and Foreigners to be a good resident of Singapore by counselling and various skills development.

HUMANITY UNDER GRACE (HUG) Hug Singapore is an ongoing effort to educating the public through its outreach programmes and especially acknowledges the wealth of potential that the younger generation possess and can contribute to the community and society. With our uniquely designed programmes, we engage schools through an immersive and interactive attachment programme that aims to build greater understanding and awareness of the migrant worker environment in Singapore.

Learning Outcomes
This service learning project aims to grant students a broader perspective of the diverse groups of people we live with and encounter daily in Singapore’s society. It also aims to inculcate a greater sense of understanding of the experiences of migrant workers. In order to strive for a more inclusive Singapore, we hope to be the platform that supports such learning and the instilling of values that develops each student into compassionate and concerned contributors of society.

Brief overview of programme offered
During this 2 to 3 day attachment programme, workers will get different opportunities to learn about and interact with migrant workers and Singaporean and engage in real-life case studies previously handled by us and experience first-hand how to manage and assist migrant workers in such cases.

Service Learning Programme
1. Sharing session by LCS (topics include, among others, the Migrant Workers landscape, issues faced by Migrant Workers, introduction to LCS).
2. Sharing session by LSC specialists to give students a glimpse into the work done to help migrant workers.
3. Dormitory visit and interaction with migrant workers.
4. Case studies (discussion and presentation).

LCS offers schools the flexibility to propose their own projects or initiatives that can run concurrently with the conceptualized programmes as stated above. Interested groups of students can propose independent projects which we will then advise and assist with.

Programme objectives
To gain a better understanding of the unique experiences of migrant workers (micro – personal)
To gain more knowledge on the laws, policies and regulations that governs the movement and experiences of migrant workers in Singapore (macro – state/ government)
Develop a more compassionate attitude towards migrant workers
To integrate Singaporeans and migrant workers in a more understanding society

We will provide shelter and food in the interim while awaiting workers’ case settlement.

We provide advice and assistance to migrant workers seeking remedies against unfair employment practices.
We facilitate social acceptance and integration through outreach activities, community engagement, advocacy and public education.

We provide opportunities for social integration and upgrading for migrant workers to promote social integration and greater responsibility for migrant workers.

In order to support for HUG good cause we conduct weekly events at The Verge Shopping Mall,  2 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218227. Please Donate for this good cause.

The Hug Volunteers.

The Hug Volunteers.

The President is blessing the food.

The President is blessing the food.

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