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What We Do?

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We are a non-profit organisation founded and registered as a society, with a mission of playing a crucial role to serve the community. Our focus lies in seeing the development and driving to serve the community, youth outreach activities and welfare services from the young to the elderly regardless of age, race and religious barriers to enhance their quality of life.

A challenging task which comes with great satisfaction in seeing them receive right and proper help and moving toward the right path in leading fulfilling lives.

We have implemented more than 50 development initiatives impacting children with special needs, people with disabilities, lonely seniors and families facing difficulties. Landmark Community Services over the years have helped more than 2000 children, elderly and families at different stages of the life.

Mission, Vision and Values

To empower communities with provision of timely and effective assistance to assist them and improve their lives and well being.

To lead the cause of championing compassion, care and offer psycho-social service to youth and elderly.


  • Uphold Humanity.
  • Help with open minds regardless of race, religion, nationality and individual values.
  • Engage all stakeholders, and greater society at large, through solutions and idea that shape social responsibility trends and advance sustainable, effective philanthropy.

President’s Message

In my tenth year at Landmark Community Services, I’m excited about the challenges we face as a growing organization. I’m committed to and proud of the fact that we bring health, justice and hope to people of different faiths, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Thanks to the thousands of you who give your time, talents and support to make our critical work of strengthening communities possible.

For more than 10 years, our organization has been meeting the needs of the communities in Singapore and world at large. We touch people in every corner of Singapore. Our goals serves more than 2,000 people every year with distintive projects. We continue the original vision of reaching out to people with loving heart and helping hands.

We work to improve mental and behavioral health. We welcome migrant workers with services to adjust to their new home. We address family issues ranging from poverty to family problems to health care access. We work with seniors and people with disabilities to improve their lives and care.

We’ve earned a strong reputation among the communities of Singapore throught our social umbrellas.

LCS is growing, and our vision is to continue the good work. We want to grow so we have greater impact on our communities. Outcomes-based services are important, but we really want to measure our success based on our community impact. We’re proud to be an organization that is well-equipped to work with a wide variety of cultures and languages.

We strive to be the organization of change for better livelihood, a sense of justice and greater levels of hope for our communities.

I wanted to use my space this time to formally acknowledge all the volunteers and supporters of LCS. Inviting them to a dinner twice in a year just does not seem like an adequate thank you.

I leave you with this thought, ‘if you have ever considered becoming a volunteer or a supporter of a non-profit organization, do it now.’ The compensation is more than money can buy.

Live in Peace!

Dr Babu Dayanand

Cash Donation – To donate directly via Cash, you are always welcome to drop by our office at Landmark Community Services, 432 Serangoon Road, #02-01 Singapore 218132 from Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12.30pm.